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date: 23 June 2017

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easyJet pax numbers surge 8% in February

easyJet pax numbers surge 8% in February

easyJet saw an 8.2% yoy increase in passenger numbers in February. Load Factor increased 1.6ppts from 90.4 to 92%. Seats flown therefore increased 6.3% from 5.46m to 5.80m. Year on year the

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number of aircraft in the fleet at month end grew by 5.7% or 14 aircraft (note 5 aircraft in new 186 configuration were delivered in February 2017) and average number of seats during month increased by c. 7.1%. Productivity (average number of flights per aircraft per day) increased 2.8%.


easyJet Monthly Traffic Feb-16 Feb-17 Change
Passengers (m) 4.93 5.34 8.2%
Load factor (%/ppts) 90.4% 92.0% 1.6ppts
Seats flown (m) 5.46 5.80 6.3%
No of aircraft in fleet at end of month 247 261 5.7%
Avg no of Aircraft in fleet during month 246 261 6.1%
Avg no seats during Month 40,790 43,683 7.1%
Avg no of seats per aircraft 166 167 0.9%
Average number of flights 32,904 34,667 5.4%
Avg no of flights per aircraft per day 4.61 4.74 2.8%
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