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date: 01 December 2015

Shareholder news

Date Title Document
30.11.2015 Cabinet close to runway decision - CityAM Read more
25.11.2015 Sharm flights remain suspended - Gdn Read more
23.11.2015 Manchester airport pax numbers surge - MEN Read more
19.11.2015 easyJet expands CI service - BBC Read more
16.11.2015 Analysts expect record easyJet profits - DMail Read more
13.11.2015 getting it wrong over easyJet - Ind Read more
09.11.2015 easyjet comes of The page is temporarily unavailable
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age - DTel
Read more
06.11.2015 easyJet "rescue" flights due in Sharm on Friday - ES Read more
06.11.2015 Fastjet: Holding in company Read more
03.11.2015 Ryanair profits set to soar - CityAM Read more
29.10.2015 Air France trims losses - Reuters Read more
27.10.2015 Former Heathrow boss slams runway decision - ES Read more
21.10.2015 BA to outsource IT to India - DMail Read more
19.10.2015 Gatwick piles pressure to reverse Heathrow decision - DMail Read more
15.10.2015 Noise to get worse for Heathrow neighbours - ES Read more
09.10.2015 Remote Scottish airports pax boost - Herald Read more
07.10.2015 Faulty Vegas Boeing part identified - Gdn Read more
04.10.2015 BA reprimands Salmond - MoS Read more
01.10.2015 Gatwick continues to battle Heathrow decision - CityAM Read more
28.09.2015 Ryanair to spread Amazon wings? - DMail Read more
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